Somewhere Else regularly record our work for Corinium Radio. Our broadcasts are listed below.

Somewhere Else presents ‘That Empty Room’ by Frank McMahon. First broadcast 16th March 2021.

Somewhere Else presents a selection of poetry and prose by its members. First broadcast 28th February 2021.

Somewhere Else presents: ‘Playfulness’. First broadcast 22 November 2020

Somewhere Else presents: ‘Imagination’. First broadcast 27th September 2020

Somewhere Else presents: ‘Inner and Outer Space’. First broadcast 23rd August 2020

Somewhere Else presents: ‘Mountains: Places of beauty, solace and threat’ First broadcast 26th April 2020.

Somewhere Else presents: ‘St. Patrick’s Day 2020’ First broadcast 23rd March 2020.

Somewhere Else presents: ‘Growing Up’. First broadcast 23rd February 2020.

Somewhere Else presents: ‘Winter’. First broadcast 26th January 2020.

Somewhere Else presents: ‘The Fragility of Christmas’. First broadcast 22nd December 2019.

Somewhere Else presents: ‘Landscape and Light’. First broadcast 24th November 2019

Ragged Foil Podcasts: ‘An Ordinary House’ by Clare Finnemore

An Ordinary House is a Ragged Foils production.
Director and editor – Natalie Winter
Sound recordist – Kirsty Gilmore
Diana – Florence Olivea
Sarah – Amber Muldoon
Mark – Jamie Newall
Rachael – Sharita Oomeer

Somewhere Else presents: ‘Gathering’. First broadcast 22nd September 2019

Somewhere Else presents: ‘Children’ – A program featuring writing about Children. First broadcast 28th July 2019

Somewhere Else presents: ‘Sport’ – A sport-themed program featuring writing about Sport. First broadcast 23rd June 2019

Somewhere Else presents: ‘Birds in Books’ – A spring-themed programme celebrating the many ways writers have featured birds in their work. First broadcast 19th May 2019.

Somewhere Else presents: ‘The Piano’ – a comedy drama written and directed by Linda Dyson, first broadcast on 28th April 2019.

Somewhere Else welcomes Irish guests Clare O’Sullivan and Prof Nigel McLoughlin along with Sophie Livingston and Frank McMahon in a programme celebrating Irish writing for St Patrick’s Day. The programme was directed by Tina Baker and Clare Finnimore and broadcast on 17 March.

Somewhere Else presents: In Focus. Clare Finnimore interviews prize-winning poet and writer Gill Garrett. Originally broadcast February 2019.

Somewhere Else presents: Disposals. Originally broadcast January 2019.

Somewhere Else presents: Christmas is here again. Originally broadcast December 2018.

Somewhere Else presents: Aspects of the Novel. Originally broadcast November 2018.

Somewhere Else presents: Beyond the Pale. Originally broadcast October 2018.

Somewhere Else presents: A Death In Flanders. Originally broadcast October 2018.

Somewhere Else presents: Sounds. Originally broadcast September 2018.

Tina Baker’s radio play Bloodlines. Sarah and Michael meet George their new neighbour and learn about a gruesome death which once took place in their quiet country cottage. Originally broadcast August 2018.

Iris Anne Lewis explores the village of Kempsford, past and present, with the help of fellow residents. Originally broadcast July 2018.

Richard Lutwyche presents a range of poetry and prose in which our porker friend is very much the hero – from children’s nursery rhymes through to Shakespeare. Originally broadcast June 2018.

Iris Anne Lewis presents a selection of prose and poetry on the theme of ‘Other Arts’, written and read by Somewhere Else Writers. Originally broadcast May 2018.

Clare Finnimore and Gill Garrett interview Rona Laycock. Originally broadcast April 2018.

Graham Bruce Fletcher interviews chair Sophie Livingston about her life and writing. Originally broadcast March 2018.

Rona Laycock interviews Somewhere Else’s newest member, Frank McMahon. Originally broadcast January 2018.

Clare Finnemore interviews Iris Anne Lewis about her work and influences. Originally broadcast November 2017.

Iris Anne Lewis presents Times’s Echo, an imaginative look at how the past and present intertwine. Originally broadcast October 2017.

Jim Moeller explains how not to write radio drama, assisted by Sophie Livingston. Originally broadcast September 2017.

Graham Bruce Fletcher talks to Jim Moeller about his writing life. Originally broadcast August 2017.

Jim Moeller presents a short inquiry into great novelists. Originally broadcast July 2017.

Somewhere Else in the Writer’s Room. Originally broadcast June 2017

Chelsea Fringe. Originally broadcast May 2017.

Clare Finnimore talks to Selwyn Morgan about his influences. Originally broadcast February 2017.

The Imagined Abbey. Originally broadcast January 2017

Journey through Summer. Originally broadcast October 2015.


A Winter landscape, broadcast January 2015

Journey into Advent. Originally broadcast December 2014,

Poems and Prose. Originally broadcast 2013