Somewhere Else regularly record our work for Corinium Radio. Our broadcasts are listed below.

Rona Laycock interviews Somewhere Else’s newest member, Frank McMahon. Originally broadcast January 2018.

Clare Finnemore interviews Iris Anne Lewis about her work and influences. Originally broadcast November 2017.

Iris Anne Lewis presents Times’s Echo, an imaginative look at how the past and present intertwine. Originally broadcast October 2017.

Jim Moeller explains how not to write radio drama, assisted by Sophie Livingston. Originally broadcast September 2017.

Graham Bruce Fletcher talks to Jim Moeller about his writing life. Originally broadcast August 2017.

Jim Moeller presents a short inquiry into great novelists. Originally broadcast July 2017.

Somewhere Else in the Writer’s Room. Originally broadcast June 2017

Chelsea Fringe. Originally broadcast May 2017.

Clare Finnimore talks to Selwyn Morgan about his influences. Originally broadcast February 2017.

The Imagined Abbey. Originally broadcast January 2017

Journey through Summer. Originally broadcast October 2015.


A Winter landscape, broadcast January 2015

Journey into Advent. Originally broadcast December 2014,

Poems and Prose. Originally broadcast 2013