A Feast of Broadcasts

corinium-radio-logoA comic drama series, interviews with local writers, Abbey 900, an exploration of great novelists and how to write radio drama — these were the programmes broadcast  on Corinium Radio by Somewhere Else Writers in 2017. Even we were amazed at the variety when we met last week to review our programmes over the last twelve months and prepare next year’s schedule.

So what can we look forward to in 2018? First up, to lighten the dark winter days, is the next series of our popular drama ‘The Inn on the Green’. As we move into spring and summer, there will be more interviews with local writers and an anthology of prose and poetry on the topic of ‘Other Arts’. And who will be able to resist our April broadcast ‘Pigs in Literature’ (oink, oink)? I’ll certainly be tuning in for that.

You can find our programme ‘Somewhere Else Writers Present’ on Corinium Radio  at 4.30pm on the last Sunday of the month. It’s also available to listen again on the Corinium Radio website or on the Broadcasts tab of our own website where all our programmes are listed.

Happy listening.

Iris Anne Lewis


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