Frank McMahon on I am not a silent poet

cropped-not-a-silent-poet-grant-tarbard1Somewhere Else Writers’ newest member, Frank McMahon, has had several poems  published in the past few weeks.

Five poems: I am a citizen; Shoes; Berlin 1933; Times like these and Universal Credit were published  on-line by Reuben Woolley’s ‘I am not a silent poet’ website. The site was set up to give poets an opportunity to protest about abuse and injustice.

Shoes and Berlin 1933 were inspired by a summer trip to Budapest and Berlin and to sites where hatred and intolerance were unleashed. The other poems come from deep concerns that our country is turning its back on the world and making it acceptable to hurt the most vulnerable people in society.

Universal Credit opens:

Learn this lesson: assume the supplicant’s
position, low before the arbiter.
Hang your petition on the ox’s horn and
pray as it turns and plods inside the keep.
Forty two days in the wilderness.

Two other poems: Sourdough and Evolution are published  in the latest edition of  ‘The Cannon’s Mouth’.

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