Cirencester Scene May 2017


A Bird’s Eye View Of Cirencester Abbey – One of the Abbey 900 Series – by Linda Dyson


Chisel chipping on stone,

Planes waltzing on wood,

Higher and higher

Solemn walls rise

As the blackbirds sing.


Chant upon chant,

Prayer upon prayer,

Higher and higher,

Loud praises arise

While the skylarks sing.


Gold upon vellum,

Tome upon tome,

Higher and higher

The library shelves tower

As owls hoot on the wing.


Mint upon thyme,

Parsley, sorrel and sage

While the herb garden grows

Richer and greener

Swallows chirp on the wing.


But mischief’s a-making,

Black clouds rolling in

As orders are issued;

Edicts from the king.

Hopes sink lower and lower

And now no birds sing.


Stone upon stone

The abbey’s torn down

Abbot’s dismissed

Canons banned from the town.

Weeds have grown taller

And singing birds flown.


But, nine hundred years on,

Not everything’s gone-

Town’s grievances over

Abbey’s rising again

(Albeit in Lego)

And still on the river

Sails on silent swan.