Clare Roberts

Clare Roberts studied English Literature at Pembroke College, Cambridge University, and went on to take a diploma in Journalism Studies at the University of Wales, College of Cardiff. She has worked on diverse publications in a writing and editorial capacity, including: magazines about landscape design, marketing, travel and the development of Russian telecoms; medical journals; and Pan, the magazine of the British Flute Society. She has edited a trekking guide to the Andes and a guidebook to her local church, St Luke’s in Chelsea, while living in west London for many years.

Clare has three sons and in the past decade has encouraged the musical development of her youngest son and his peers with music classes for babies, toddlers and on through primary school, to develop her teaching skills. She is particularly interested in using singing to develop an understanding of the language of music, and has completed various music teaching courses, alongside qualifications in singing and piano performance.

She is also interested in spirituality and ethics and has an MA in Philosophy and Religion from the University of London (Heythrop College).

Clare has always enjoyed writing travel journals, letters and descriptive prose and has recently discovered the power of poetry alongside her long-standing love of the novel. She unexpectedly started exploring the art of writing poetry as a creative outlet to reflect life events and relationships and is looking forward to developing this through Somewhere Else Writers. Clare is from Cumbria, and she currently spends half her time in north Wiltshire and half in the border county of Northumberland.

In 2017, I had only ever written one poem. In 2018, I wrote 90. Many ‘wrote themselves’. They are first drafts, with potential and raw material, but also smattered with clichés, inconsistencies and structural defects, and would benefit from critical development and reworking, when I have a chance to revisit them. This is one of them.

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