Dave Walklett

Dave cannot remember a time when he wasn’t writing something. As an 11 year-old it was the illustrated tale of a Spitfire pilot during the war. At secondary school he had the occasional poem and story published in the school magazine and collaborated in end-of-term drama pieces.

Then there was the book and lyrics to Wunderland! – a musical based on the Alice stories of Lewis Carroll – which he directed twice and which has been performed half a dozen times altogether. There was – and still is – the How to… book on directing plays for the amateur stage, which, though attracting the interest of an agent, has not seen publication yet.

Four years ago, as part of his OU degree, he took a Creative Writing module resulting in a thirty-minute play which is available for performance but awaits its premiere.

The desire to improve is what brought him to Somewhere Else Writers and remains his motivation, whether writing poetry, prose or drama. 

You can hear Dave reading some of his work below.