Poem of the Month

October 2017


A Hot Summer Day in Cougnac – by Iris Anne Lewis

A hot summer day in Cougnac
The cave is cool and spacious.
I see a frieze: mammoths,
three megaloceros,
and two wounded men,
spears thrust in their sides.
Two red-coated pillars
of calcite frame
an ibex.
And I remember a hot summer day
when I took refuge
in a cool country church.
Pillars of fluted stone
framed a cross
and a wounded man,
his side gashed by a spear.
Above him, in stained glass,
a lamb.
And now, in Cougnac,
I look at the ibex
but see the Lamb.

Shortlisted for the 2017 Bradford on Avon Arts Festival ‘Flights of Fancy’ poetry competition