Hilary Norris-Evans

Hilary first started writing poetry as a teenager; then stopped. More recently she’s written articles for ‘Cirencester Scene’ and blogs for her website. Her interest in writing was rekindled after attending a variety of writing classes and she is attempting to write a novel , very slowly, which may turn out to be a memoir. When finally she retires she hopes to have more spare time to devote to her writing.

We fell asleep to Norah’s lullabies,
To her soft, Southern drawl.
Cocooned in my mind was the phrase ‘dappled mind’.
Dappled like weak sunlight squinting through leaves?
Strong sun through stained glass windows
Casting coloured clouds on our faces?
‘What is the meaning for you of dappled mind in her song?’ I asked you.
You giggled and kissed me.
‘What is the meaning of kiss?’ you asked me in reply.
‘Love, affection, sleeping together?’
‘No, keep it simple, stupid.
It’s doubtful mind, not dappled, you daft apeth.’
I turned my back on you and slept.