Peter O’Sullivan

Peter is a serial story-teller; drawing on a huge range of material from an eclectic life – as a monk, youth & community worker, local and national government officer, business executive, strategy consultant, and education entrepreneur; travelling all over the world.

Story-telling and re-enactment have been ways of helping organisations engage in change; with Peter facilitating inclusive involvement in creating, narrating and enacting stories that capture the frustrations of the ‘as-is’ and create excitement about a vision of ‘what-it would-be-like-if….’.

Using this approach, Peter’s career has focused on advising, and helping organisations to plan and manage change; in order to benefit their stakeholders, customers, staff, and the communities in which they operate.

This career experience is built on learning from an earlier period in Peter’s life, as a director of a youth theatre company and as a youth worker on the streets of London; as well as a ‘wannabee’ musician member of the London Scratch Orchestra.

And now, having spent much of his career helping others create stories, Peter is enjoying creating and telling stories for himself.

Peter experiments with poetry, prose, and script-writing to bring to life, and challenge, narratives from history, current events, and children’s imagination. You can listen t Peter reading some of his work below.