Poem of the Month


Leaves by Clare Finnimore


Layer on layer sludged with rain

The rake in my hand uncovering on a cold winter’s day

A summer gone.


Later, on the bus the dog standing, trying for balance in the sway and pitch.

The overcoats, hats, gloves and scarves, the windows fugged with rain.

We’re all in this together

And the summer’s gone.


Today it’s crazy Suzie, her frazzled hair is flying

As she dreams of Formula 1.

Slamming on the brakes for a shadow on the road.

We’re all on this together

And the summer’s gone.


The choke of streets on diesel

The wending harried way

Clothes clagging damply as we pay and pay and play.

We’re all in this together

And the leaves have gone.




On Another Train


Chinks of light in the cracks

The jerking of an engine, the sudden lurching stops.

They would wait for hours or days.

Forced aboard to destinations unknown.

The children crying and hungry.

Suffocation in a railway carriage.


Speeding to Paris, her mother

Took a different train.

Beyond the sighing, the groaning and the dying,

Well before they reached that wasteland.

The knitting spills towards us, and who can know what thoughts

Are in those stitches; of mothers, brothers and friends, an entire

Generation nearly lost.