Poem of the Month

The Five Cent Slots by Selwyn Morgan. 

Five cents a go was all it took, 

to play the game but not get hooked. 

To watch high rollers play fast and free 

without a thought about their nth degree, 

when winnings fell below their loss 

(and they believing, gave not a toss), 

they blew their luck away. 

The black bunny came, with bobtail white, 

and offered drinks throughout the night. 

“Upon the house”, she would announce, 

and I play the game (as a dollar’s flounce, 

would bring her back with my request), 

“The casino’s favourite,” I behest, 

(a Margarita on her silver tray). 

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, 

and five cents a go does not abuse 

your wallet, nor your sense of worth 

and keeps your expectations down to earth. 

But as your five-cent pot gets slimmer, 

and your hopes of wealth gets dimmer 

there’s another Margarita on its way.