Poem of the Month

adult-beautiful-beauty-972995June 2018

A Flirtatious Foodie in Harrods – by Bridget Arregger

Young man could you please hand me down that tin
of caviar at eighty pounds, the gold
one. Can’t quite reach and you’re so tall, so thin,
most handsome too if I may be so bold,
my dear, such lovely curls, so rare today,
I find, amongst the young. Most want to shave
their heads, but come, don’t run so fast away.
I need some help so please do me a fav-
our; put your mind to helping with my feast.
Some salmon, smoked or fresh, will do, don’t you
agree? More elegant than bird or beast.
And what about some truffles, wild, a few
and wine, the most expensive that you stock.
Now hold these while I go to choose my frock.

This poem is in Elizabethan sonnet form, 14 lines Iambic Pentameter, three quatrains and a couplet, rhyme scheme abab cdcd efef gg.

It was written in response to a creative writing exercise where one word was picked from each of three ‘hats’:
character = foodie, descriptive adjective = flirtatious, place = Harrods.