Poem of the Month

Patinage by Linda Dyson                                                    

A fragile girl

In frail attire,

Escorted by her prince,

Steps out upon a chilly sea of glass,

Transformed from human

Into airborne mayfly

At a glance.

And as the music swells

They swirl and glide

Like magic

On a silver thread of steel,

No longer man and girl

But butterflies entranced

Swooping, spinning, twirling

In heart-stopping traceries

Of acrobatic flight,

Defying gravity,

Balanced on one blade

At agonizing speed.

And then he throws her

Like gossamer,

Spinning threefold-

Impossible, it seems,

Yet artful in extreme.

Without a blink,

She lands one-footed,

Still sailing on,

Unbroken thread

Of motion….

And what, I wonder,

What impossibilities

Would she dream that night?

And then, triumphant pose,

Hands held aloft, it ends,

And, gliding swans transformed,

They waddle on dry land

Mere man and maid, once more.


Linda Dyson