Iris Anne Lewis at the Bradford on Avon Arts Festival

The atmosphere was buzzing at the packed Bradford on Avon Arts Festival Poetry Competition Finalists event. The competition theme of ‘Flights of Fancy’ attracted 610 entries from around the globe and eleven finalists had been invited to read their poems at the event.
Somewhere Else writer Iris Anne Lewis was delighted to be amongst the finalists for her poem ‘A Hot Summer Day in Cougnac’, which was highly commended by judge Carrie Etter.
In her comments about the judging process, Carrie said that the final decision “was excruciating”. She added “I read and re-read the final 11 poems so many times, the decision was needle-thin – and that is how it should be.” Addressing the finalists, she said “If you got this far, you’re a winner, all of you.

Carrie also treated us to reading of a selection of her own poems on the theme of flights of fancy.

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