The Inn on the Green Series 2









Rehearsals have begun for a new, three-part series of ‘The Inn on the Green.’

Expect more marital rows and a lot of unhelpful advice from the locals as Alicia and Jonathan continue to try and make a go of the village pub. This time there is a baby on the way, which almost certainly means a Christmas birth and one of us having to fake contractions.

It’s been great fun inventing the world of Crompton Bassett – and we’ve learnt a huge amount about the dos and don’ts of radio drama in the process. It’s fair to say we’ve created some warm moments, some weird moments and some unintentionally funny moments of radio. The aim was to do something that enriched us as a group – it has  – we just hope the listeners have enjoyed it as much as we have.

The first series was constructed by each cast member writing and acting their own lines. In this second series each writer has taken a turn at producing a whole episode  – and we have a guest performer in the shape of actor David Higgins, who plays Lydia the cook’s new kitchen assistant.

The first episode of the new series will be broadcast on Corinium Radio on Christmas Eve with the next two episodes going out on the last Sundays in January and February at 4.30pm. To learn more about the making of the series do tune into the ‘Inn on the Green’ section of this website, where you can listen to some of the writing team being interviewed by Rona Laycock. You can also catch up with earlier episodes, and if you miss the new broadcasts on Corinium Radio they will be posted on the site early next year.

Sophie Livingston

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