Digging Up the Family

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An investigation into her family history led Gill Garrett on an extraordinary 150 year journey through the life stories and experiences of so called ordinary people.

Her book ‘Digging Up the Family’ is the fascinating result and members of Somewhere Else joined her to celebrate its launch at the final Writers in the Brewery meeting of the year on Tuesday.

Gill, a founder member of Somewhere Else, and now a member of the Catchword Writing Group said:  ‘I soon realized I would have to look much further than my own memories and family hearsay. To understand what had shaped their attitudes and beliefs, their opinions and principles, I would need a much broader insight into the social and political times in which they lived.’

The resulting stories are unique but universal, ordinary yet extraordinary. This is not a book about the great figures that forge history – it is a book for and about the majority of us, who live through it.

‘Digging Up The Family – A Lesson In Social History’ is published by Matador(ISBN:9781788038997) and is available from Troubador Publishing Ltd at £7.99.

The evening was sadly the last to be organized by writer Rona Laycock, who is taking a well-earned break after seven years of spearheading the monthly get together in Cirencester’s Brewery Arts Café. Until last year Rona also organized the annual Gloucestershire Writers’ Network competition as well as editing the literary magazine Graffiti and interviewing fellow writers in ‘The Writers’ Room’ on Corinium Radio.

Somewhere Else Writers would not exist without Rona, who taught all the founder members. Writers in the county owe her an enormous debt of gratitude for her energy and generosity of spirit. We wish her all the best with her future ventures.

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