Switching, Switching on Lulu


Following the success of Climbing the Mast, her collection of short stories and poems, Somewhere Else Associate member, Bridget Arregger has published her first novel Switching Switching, using Lulu.com, a printing service that costs only the price of a copy. Material must be in the correct format ready for printing and authors need to do all their own editing and marketing. Copies are printed on demand and can be made available on Lulu.com, Amazon and other websites.

Bridget loves to write speculative fiction, which includes fantasy and science fiction, and delves into themes of gender and transgender identity, sexual orientation, love and marriage.

Switching Switching was inspired by Bridget’s own struggles with combining a career with being wife and mother and explores the extent to which personal success is due to circumstances or individual attributes. She is hoping it will be adopted as a Reading Group favourite as it is proving to be a ‘love it or hate it’ book and provokes lively discussion.

Switching Switching is now on sale from Lulu.com at £9.50.

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