Closing Time at The Inn On The Green

Selwyn centre Corinium RadioWe’ve just finished recording the final episode of our soap opera The Inn on The Green. At the moment there are no plans to do more – but who knows? We have lot of new members with new ideas – and there’s been a suggestion that a body might be discovered in the walls of the pub– so watch this space.

Thanks go to Selwyn Morgan who steered our sometimes leaky ship to harbour. He made it look easy, when we all know it was not – and to Corinium Radio who provided us with a safe space to experiment and learn from our mistakes.

We have learnt huge amounts about writing radio scripts, grown in confidence when performing and – perhaps most importantly – laughed – and learnt not to be too precious about it all.

Episode six is due to be broadcast on Corinium Radio at 4.30pm on Sunday February 25th. If you miss it you can catch up, along with earlier episodes, on this website.

2 thoughts on “Closing Time at The Inn On The Green

  1. I think it would be well worth exploring if and how TIOTG could credibly be extended with new plot lines and characters. Equally, to see if another serial could be developed or perhaps short plays or a longer play which is serialised.


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