Group is Great Stimulus


Congratulation to Frank McMahon who has just had three more poems published in the poetry magazine, “The Cannon’s Mouth”. 2018 is becoming a productive and satisfying year for Frank with poems published on-line in America on “The Poet By Day” and other poems accepted for publication later this year.

His poem “A Lark Ascends” is dedicated to the memory of Ralph Vaughan Williams and includes the lines:

“But I grasp the drive to capture bird-song,
wind-howl and the cries of the bereaved,
to work; no slackening before death took you

plans for weeks and months ahead, the only way
to face each day before the void. Melodiesdrawn thread by gossamer thread:”

Frank has also just recorded his play “A Death In Flanders” for Corinium Radio .

He said: “There is no doubt in my mind that being a member of Somewhere Else Writers Group has been a real stimulus to my work.”

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