Grace Notes in Scribble Magazine


Somewhere Else chair Frank McMahon has just had a story, ‘Grace Notes’ accepted for publication by Scribble Magazine, Stow-in-the Wold.

He sat down slowly and deliberately on the wicker chair beside the bed. A wisp of vapour floated from the cup of blackcurrant tea which sat untouched on the bedside table. Silence seemed to gather from the corners of the room and hover above the counterpane.

A breath of wind stirred the curtains. A thin shaft of light illuminated the brown corduroy pattern of his trousers. He breathed out slowly.

His sister Flora had briefed him before he had arrived and made him repeat it after he had unpacked.

“This is the most important part, Marcus. If you don’t get it exactly right Mother will keep reminding you about it for the rest of the day. So, ready?”…

He has also had two poems accepted for publication. The first, ‘Shoes’ will feature in Persona Non Grata and ‘Universal Credit’ in Fly on the Wall.


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