Wordsmiths in The Curlew

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 14.35.56The latest edition of The Curlew, the print periodical dedicated to writing and illustration celebrating the natural world, features ‘Wordsmiths’ , a poem by Frank McMahon.

Each quarterly edition is named after a tree and features black and white illustrations. The latest, ‘Fagus’ (beech) also includes work by the artist Peter Randall-Page and the poet Jane Lovell.



Frank’s poem opens with these lines:

Letters inscribed in air; branches
write the seasons and their fickle
variations, shredding coherence
as they thresh and whine, blasts and rants
of leaves and barren seeds.

The Curlew does not pay for work but it is collected by the UK National Poetry Library, the British Library and the National Library of Wales.

Proceeds are donated to wildlife charities such as the Cheetah Conservation Fund and The Born Free Foundation. It welcomes contributions of creative non fiction, poetry artwork and photography and involves young people with a special section called “Sanderlings”.

Click here for more information.

To submit work info@the-curlew.com







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