Longlisted for Retreat West

retreat__book_logo-small1Stephen Connolly has reached the longlist of 22 for the 2018 Retreat West Novel Prize.

His entry (which can’t be named yet as all entries are still anonymous) is a Historical novel originally written for the National Write A Novel in a Month project. There were 77 entries for the competition, which had to be the first 7500 words of a novel plus a 500 word synopsis.

The short list is due to be announced at the end of November, when shortlisted authors will need to submit a complete MS. First prize is a standard publishing contract with Retreat West Books for a paperback and ebook edition of the novel, with a £500 advance.

Retreat West Books is a small independent press with a social and environmental conscience. It publishes novels, memoirs and short story collections. Every year at least one anthology will be donating all profits to a nominated charity and all paperbacks are print on demand to make best use of the world’s finite resources. It’s dedicated to helping new writers bring their words to the world.

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