Adventures in Poetry Film at the Snowdrop Festival

smsf-2019-a5-flyer-1_origThe Swindon Poetry Film Collective were invited to present their show ‘Adventures in Poetry Film’ at a fringe event at the third Shepton Mallet Snowdrop Festival. The Arts Bank, situated in the heart of the town and the home of the Rubbish Arts Project, proved a convivial venue for the screening. Surrounded by works of art made entirely from recycled material, and well supplied with tea, coffee and Somerset cider, the audience enjoyed an evening of poetry films made by the Collective, including ‘Matryoshka’ by Somewhere Else member, Iris Anne Lewis.

The Snowdrop Festival was established by the Shepton Mallet Horticultural Society in to celebrate the work of James Allan, the first person to propagate new varieties from wild snowdrops. He undertook this work at his home in Shepton Mallet. The aim of the Festival is to plant Shepton Mallet with hundreds and thousands of snowdrop bulbs and to restore the Allen family memorial in the town’s cemetery, in order to celebrate James Allen’s and the town’s place in gardening history.

Poetry and photography have been an important part of the Festival from its inauguration and the collective were delighted to add the further dimension of poetry film to the Festival.

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