Sowing Light

ThreeDropsFromACauldronSowing Light, a fable inspired by a wind farm in The Channel on a family holiday, has just been published in Issue 27 of the quarterly online journal Three Drops from a Cauldron.
Frank McMahon said: “One of my grandsons asked what the wind farm was. As I struggled to explain the physics in simple words, my mind shifted to a more magical frame.”
The story opens with these lines:

“Enough!” she cried out loud, “I’ve had enough 

of treading clods, breaking ploughs on flint 

and chalk. And growing nothing more than docks 

or charlock. Look at my fingers, knuckle and bone, 

frayed by frost and wind. And I’ve done with fishing! 

Arms scabbed by salt, worn thin from battling tides; 

my back bent by the rain’s constant hammer,  

casting nets for fish who slip away! 

To read more click here.

  • Three Drops from a Cauldron welcomes submissions of poetry and flash fiction involving myth, legend, folklaw, fable and fairytale. More details can be found on the submissions section of their website.

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