‘Ridgeway’ on BBC Wiltshire

Sophie Livingston’s short story ‘The Ridgeway’ is being serialised this week on BBC Radio Wiltshire as part of the BBC’s Digital UPLOAD initiative.

The story, which is a mystery set on the long-distance footpath, is being broadcast in four parts. The first five minute episode, was aired on Tuesday 21st April. The next three episodes will run on the following Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights, during the station’s evening broadcast.

Sophie, who was interviewed live by Sue Kinnear on Tuesday night’s programme, said she was thrilled at the way the station had dramatised the story and would like to encourage other people to submit work via Upload.

The first broadcast will be available for the next month here. The interview runs from 1:22 and finishes at 1:29 on the recording time line. The first episode runs from 1:41 to 1:46.

You can find out more about BBC Upload here.

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