Black Bough Poetry launches Deep Time Volume 1

Inspired by the deep time adventures of Robert McFarlane in Underland (2019), Black Bough Poetry’s anthology Deep Time is the first of two volumes dedicated to prehistory, mythologies, geological time and underworlds. In this volume, poets from across the world explore subterranean and submarinal environments, uncover the traces of the past in mining and archaeology and evoke the myths of ancestors.

Somewhere Else writer, Iris Anne Lewis, is delighted that her poem Swan Song in the Geissenklösterle Cave is featured in the anthology. You can listen to Iris reading her poem here.

Beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Wainwright, Deep Time is available from Amazon. An online version will be available on the Black Bough website in due course. In the meantime Black Bough Poetry has released a playlist of the poets reading their work introduced by music especially composed to accompany the poetry. You can find the play list here.

Listening to the music and the voices exploring these subterranean places is quite a meditative experience, so why not carve out an hour of your time, get yourself a cup of coffee or glass of wine and listen to this collection of work which Robert MacFarlane describes as ‘both contemporary and mythic, urgent and ancient. Strange voices for strange times sing out here’.

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