Congratulations to Frank McMahon who has just had five poems featured in the arts magazine Sarasvati 065, published by Indigo Dreams Press. He is delighted to have so much work in one edition of the prestigious journal. You can read ‘Here is a Photograph’, one of the poems chosen, below.

Here is a photograph

I did not take of you.

Strong pliable fingers, hours of interweaving

pliant strands of wicker

to build this vessel. Try to find

a beginning or an end

in the cross-hatched seams

which swayed once and greened,

filleted the sun

and shrouded warblers’ nests.

Here is a photograph I could not take

 of you

and if I had

impossible to share it now:

a Moses basket

absolute silence

save for the heart beating with grief,

a camera lens a sacrilege.

You’re always here, engraved. 

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