Poem of the Month

Vivid memories of a family holiday inspired this month’s poem ‘Boat trip’ by Clare Roberts. Clare said: ‘In 2020, we planned a holiday to honour my Mum’s 80th birthday, which falls just after Christmas. Covid put paid to that, and she was alone on both occasions, in the far north of England.

‘To compensate (in small measure), I wrote a series of poems celebrating our relationship, from holiday memories and shopping trips to the warmth of home and the conversations that enlivened our walks together.

‘Every year when I was a child, we had a family holiday to Mallorca. A favourite treat was a boat trip. We would dive for sea urchin shells before the exhilarating return, flying back across the bay, sitting precariously on the front deck.

‘I printed each poem on a sheet of coloured paper, wrapped them like scrolls and placed them in a decorated box.

‘She loved them. In return, she created a beautiful piece of table art with images and quotes from my poems, in embellished silks quilted and mixed with regular fabrics, with the added texture of ruffled flowers and sparkling Angelina fibres.’

To read Clare’s poem click here

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