Gwyl and Beryl

Our current Chair, Selwyn, has written “Gwyl and Beryl” – a very short story – which you can read by clicking here. He explained: “This short story was completed after being set a free-writing exercise at one of our Wednesday meetings. We were asked:

‘Given a free choice, would a banana have blue hair?’.

Of course, who knows where to go from there? But, surprisingly, a story came to mind of how behaviour, out of the ordinary, leads us to question ourselves and others before coming to a resolution of our conflicting emotions.’

The group is now welcoming new members to join its weekly meetings on Wednesdays at Somewhere Else Deli in Castle Street, Cirencester.  Whether you already write, or have always wanted to, but would appreciate support and inspiration, contact us via our group website. Alternatively, just leave us a message at Somewhere Else at the top of Castle Street. Members write poetry, plays, fiction, and other forms of writing.  Some are published and performed, but others prefer to explore their personal potential. If you want to get the most out of words, get in touch.

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