The Way Ahead

This month’s featured writer is Graham Bruce Fletcher, who was born in Leeds, Yorkshire and brought up between Yorkshire and Cirencester.  He has written for as long as he can remember, and hopes to continue to remember for as long as he can write. He has worked in many different fields, several offices (and other indoor locations), and travelled around Europe as a Marketing Director in the medical industry until he stopped inflicting himself upon employers to focus on writing both fiction and music, having retired at the age of fifty due to the opportunity he found in having survived cancer.

He is interested in almost everything, except reality TV shows, fashion and fast cars. He is a keen observer of other people’s behaviour, and an eavesdropper on private conversations with the intention of stealing ideas for his writing. He is particularly eager to hear the strange details of other people’s lives, a task he finds much easier now that people do not hesitate to hold intimate personal conversations loudly and in public on their mobile phones.  Any resemblance between real people and events and his stories is likely to be intentional.

Graham’s short story ‘The Way Ahead’ is featured in this month’s Cirencester Scene. You can read it by clicking on the story of the month logo on the Somewhere Else Writers’ website, or here

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