Graffiti Competition

Massive congratulations to Frank, Iris and Graham for their success in Graffiti magazine’s issue 27 competition.

Frank was runner up with his poem “Fingerprints”, Iris was commended twice for her poems “Monastery of Geghard” and “Votive”, and Graham was commended for his prose piece “Withheld”.

The full results are:

Poetry Winner : Marilyn Timms – The Shepherd’s Two Pocket Abacus

Runners up: Elizabeth Horrocks – Penelope Speaks

Frank McMahon – Fingerprints

Commended: Iris Lewis – Monastery of Geghard

Christine Griffin – Still Life

Judith van Dijkhuisen – Visiting the Hospice

Iris Lewis – Votive

Prose results

Winner: Joy Mawby – Journal of Mary Hughes

Runner up: Christine Griffin – Playing Piano at Joe’s Bar

Commended: Graham Bruce Fletcher -Withheld

Maggie Goddard – The Novice Deceiver

Marilyn Timms – Witness Statement

Sue Johnston – Eggshells

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